Objective: Providing support in performing activities withing Legal department’s scope of work in order of assuring compliance of the business activities of the Employer with the Law and other valid regulations. 

Primary activities and tasks include the following; other duties may be assigned:

  • Assists in providing legal support to all offices/departments at the Employer and prepares various legal documents (internal acts, contracts, memos) in all areas related to Employer’s business;
  • Provides legal support in accordance with received orders, to all offices and departments at the Employer (finance, human resources, procurement, land acquisition, permitting, etc.), as well as to external service providers;
  • Responsible for maintaining a contract register at the Employer;
  • Responsible for maintaining and regular updating of Status documents register at the Employer;
  • Provides support in order of assuring adequate legal policy and practise for efficient management of law obligations and legal risks of the Company;
  • Guarantees best professional practise;
  • If necessary, provides support in management and archiving of data;
  • Reports timely and accurately to his superior and is responsible for data accuracy,
  • Adhering to ethical principles of the profession and acting in accordance with company policies and procedures,
  • Performing other duties within their education at the request of the immediate superior,
  • He/she is obliged and responsible, within the scope of his/her work, to implement measures for safe and healthy work in accordance with the safety and health at work, other relevant regulations and the Rules on Safety and Health at Work,
  • Observing environmental measures and fire protection within the scope of his/her duties,
  • Participating in ensuring the functioning of the quality system in accordance with quality standards.


  • Bor.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • This position has no supervisory responsibilities.

Education and/or Experience, Certificates:

  • Acquired higher education in field of law on basic or master academic studies or on equivalent studies;
  • Excellent English level and
  • Excellent computer skills, mainly MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel and Power Point) and Adobe Acrobat.

Other Skills and Abilities:

  • Previous work experience in performing same or similar jobs, as well as passed bar exam shall be considered as an advantage;
  • Able to perform job function with a minimum of daily supervision;
  • Adaptable to a high-pressure environment;
  • Demonstrated proactive approaches to problem-solving with strong decision-making capability,
  • Excellent planning and organization skills to meet deadlines and
  • Co-operative and supportive team player.

(Some of the following skills and abilities may be acquired through additional training, but the employee must be able to demonstrate the capacity to obtain these requirements before being placed in this position)


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