Position Summary: The Assistant Server is an entry-level position that provides important support to restaurant staff while offering fundamental training and experience to the employee. The Assistant Server adds to guests’ dining experience by properly setting tables, clearing courses, cleaning, and responding to the needs of guests and servers.

Reports to: Food & Beverage Supervisor

Job Tasks

  • Properly and consistently set up stations, multiple table service, and private parties.
  • Greet guests professionally.
  • Replenish food and beverages when needed.
  • Remove dishes from tables, bar and bus stations.
  • Restock clean dishes.
  • Assist servers in delivering food...
  • Prepare dishes for washing by scraping and stacking them by type.
  • Clean spilled food and drink.
  • Maintain adequate stock of clean linens, silverware, glassware, dishes, and trays.
  • Clean and refill condiments and polish silverware.
  • Complete special assignments.

Main Responsibilities, Required Skills and Abilities

Customer Service: The Server Assistant ability to multitask is critical to excellent customer care. The Server Assistant r must anticipant a guest’s needs and respond quickly without projecting a mood that detracts from the guest’s dining experience.

Communication: The Server Assistant must clearly communicate in a professional manner with guests, coworkers and management. Nonverbal cues from a guest or server can alert the busser to a potential problem. The Server Assistant must also be able to understand instructions, read written company memorandums and communicate when he or she needs more direction.

Interpersonal Relationships: The Server Assistant must adapt to different personalities of guests and coworkers without losing focus. Extreme familiarity or conflicts with coworkers often weaken a team-oriented work environment.

Problem Solving: The Server Assistant must recognize a problem when it arises and be able to resolve it appropriately by using good judgement and initiative according to company policy and procedure.

Quality Control and Priority Assessment: Assess the value, and importance of products and customer needs to maintain a high standard of quality.

Performing General Physical Activities: Requires moderate strength including climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, and handling of materials.

Flexibility: The ability to work overtime when needed and assist the workload of others.


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