Belgrade (Baric)

Job Description:

  • Monitoring, development and improvement of production technology in foundry that are in accordance with the prescribed standards and specific requirements of customers.
  • Monitoring defined quality acceptability criteria; raw material criteria; production process technology in the foundry; efficiency of the defined tools for production processes in the foundry
  • Analysis, definition and correction of production parameters in relation to the defined raw materials in the production process of mold and core production (amount of resin, pressure of shooting, gas ...);
  • Checking the efficiency of the technological process through defined acceptability criteria;
  • Physical check of potential defects on the product by manual measurement and statistical analysis of the results obtained from the quality control of the foundry (suspicious parts, trial versions);
  • Analysis of the current technological process in order to determine the deficiencies;
  • Mapping current shortcomings in the technological process;
  • Correction of the technological process in order to improve efficiency;
  • Testing a corrected technological process against deficiencies;
  • Monitoring the quality of tested products;
  • Analysis of operational operations of operators in the foundry in order to improve the work process;
  • Proposing corrective / preventive measures to ensure / improve the quality of the process;
  • Preparation of documentation covering the technological process in the foundry;
  • Writing work instructions for each working process in the foundry;
  • Document Preparation / Modification (PFMEA, Control Plan, Process Flow Chart);
  • Checking the compliance of the documentation with the requirements of the customers and standards in automotive industry;

Essential requirements:

  • Preferred field of study is Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technology and Metallurgy or other comparable field of study (Bachelor)
  • Fluent in English
  • Advanced skills in Microsoft Office


  • Experience not required
  • Teamwork, enthusiasm, creativity, communication skills
  • Able to go in Foundry production or workshop of Technical Department to track and monitor production process

We offer:

  • Education and training for the workplace for all Engineers with no experience;
  • Great opportunity for gaining work experience
  • Opportunity for professional growth and personal development in an international environment

Please send your CV in English and Serbian.


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