At the moment, the main customers are from Italy. 

We are searching for a Serbian citizen, who speaks fluently English and Italian language.

Sales experience is a plus.

The main activity for the Country Manager in Serbia is:

  • Market Research and B2B meetings:
    • identify the Serbian companies that meet the request of our client (find leads)
    • contact the Serbian companies on behalf of our client and check their interest in a collaboration (find prospects)
    • organize meeting between our client and the interested Serbian companies (prospects)
    • assist our client during meetings with translations
    • follow-up after the meetings until there is a collaboration between our client and one or more Serbian companies.

E-mail for applications:

Other info: work from home.

Job categories: Economics and Management, Marketing and PR.

Candidate knowledge / skills:

  • Communication skills, Management skills, Marketing skills, Organizational skills, Problem-solving skills, Project management skills, Time management skills

Candidate's specific knowledge / skills:

  • Computer skills, English language, Italian language, Sales skills

Candidate virtues:

  • reliability, outgoing, professionalism

Salary: 700-1.000 EUR

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