We are searching for a candidate who is willing to work within a team of developers and to ensure autonomus work mode on assigned tasks by management.

candidate will be mainly focused on document management leaded/advised by the management team (this preassumes that the candidate is already expirienced with document management common methods/standards), as well she/he will ensure that administrative tasks provided by the mgmt team are completed on time. The ability to prepare presentations for given topics will be treated as an goody. The knowledge/handling and of common ticketing systems is preassumed. The candidate will as well have the opportunity if certain level of knowledge exists to become aquainted with test management.

candidate needs to have proven time- management skills (organization, priorization, goal-settings, communication, planning, delegation, stress mgmt)

As a employer we ensure transparent remuneration. Our employees work autonomously from home, but ensure attendence during defined core hours. Monthly kick- off meetings (approx 2 days) on pre- aligned locations belongs to the working hours model. We provide the equipment and you provide positive mood to achive results meassured on international standards.

We see us as a company that gives you the chance to show you capabilities and where you get the chance to get deep insight into international projects, latest technology standards but as well your motivation and results will lead to support from our side in your future development.

last but not least your sallary will be based on your skills/presentation/expirience and ability to convince the mgmt team.    

... Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs / Maslow's Pyramid is a keyword ...

looking forward for your significant but not overdimensioned application ...

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Assistant to Director and Document Manager   1

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